Easy to Follow Cornhole Board Plans


What exactly is Cornhole?

Cornhole is a popular game, in which two teams take turns throwing a total of 4 bags filled with corn at a board with a hole cut into the far end. If a team lands a bag inside the hole, they are awarded 3 points, while a bag that lands on the board scores only 1 point. At the end of each round, both teams tally up there points and the difference in totals is awarded to the team with the higher score. For instance, if team 1 scores 5 points during a round, and team 2 only scores 3 points, those 3 points are subtracted from the 5 points scored by the first team, leaving a difference of 2 points. Those 2 points are then awarded to the first team. Players alternate throws until one team scores a total of 21 points. A more in-depth description of the game can be found here.

Now that you understand how the game is played, the next step is either buying the proper equipment, or building it yourself. Regulation style cornhole boards and bags can be found with a quick search through ebay, craigslist, or most major sporting stores. However, if you’d like to build your own custom boards, then keep reading the following resources below.

Easy to Follow Cornhole Board Plans

Step 1: Supplies

  • Four 2×4 x 48″ for the frame
  • Four 2×4 x 21″ for the frame
  • Four 2×4 x 11-1/2″ for the legs
  • Two 24″ x 48″ sections of 1/2″ plywood

Tools Needed: 

  • Tape measure
  • Jigsaw
  • Circular saw
  • Sander
  • Hammer
  • 18 drywall screws
  • 16 10d nails
  • Drill

Step 2: Construction

VIDEO Guide: There are numerous video tutorials out there that illustrate how to construct your boards, but the easiest I’ve found was developed by HowCast and can be viewed below…

*Please note the above video uses 9″ diameter holes. While you can certainly make your holes this size, official regulation dimensions called for holes with a 6″ diameter. You can find a detailed illustration on proper cornhole board dimensions HERE.

PDF Guide: You can also find a PDF version of easy to follow plans HERE.

Step 3: Finishing Work

Once you completed the construction of your boards, many like to customize their boards with there own designs, logos, sport teams, etc. Here are a few tips to truly get your boards looking professional.

Apply a Primer

  • Primer will act as a base in which the paint will adhere to
  • Use a cheap brush or sponge to apply a primer to your entire board, making sure all of the wood is covered.


Here is where you can let your creativity shine! While there is no predetermined way of designing your board, below are a few tips that will make the process easier.

  • You’ll only need roughly a quart of paint to cover your boards
  • Use painter’s tape for any straight lines, and stencils for any designs you would like to incorporate
  • When is comes to types of paint, you’ll want to use an Exterior Semi-Gloss Enamel. Stick with water-based latex paint, rather than oil-based, it will save you some hassle.
  • Apply multiple coats of paint for best results.

Apply a Clear-Coat

After your paint has dried, you’ll want to apply a clear coat polycrylic. This will protect your paint and give your boards a nice shine to them. You’ll want to apply at least 5 coats on your boards, waiting for each coat to dry completely before applying a new coat.

That’s it! You’re done building your boards. Now it’s time to take these outside and enjoy a few games with your friends.

If you have any comments or suggestions to our cornhole board plans that would help make this process easier, please visit our contact us page and let us know!

By Jonathan Laing    

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